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Know your farmer.



Alex grew up in New Hampshire on a diversified vegetable farm. He studied Ecological Agriculture at the University of Vermont. After college he joined a professional nordic ski team in Vermont, which is where he met Emily. After a very successful career as a nordic skier and biathlete, including a World Championships appearance, the pull of the land became too strong to ignore. He is now head rancher, carpenter, mechanic, drone pilot, and forage expert.


Emily grew up in Vermont surrounded by dairy farms but never thought she would end up farming herself. She studied Economics at Dartmouth College. She returned to Vermont after college to pursue her dream of going to the Olympics. In the next 8 years she achieved that dream, met Alex, got a dog, bought a farm, and developed a new appreciation and love for her home state. She now serves as head butcher, photographer, designer, and marketer but loves getting out to help with the animals as well.


Gunnar & Lupa

Every ranch needs a dog (or two).  These two don't herd or guard, though not for a lack of trying. Gunnar and Lupa are Alaskan Malamutes who enjoy long walks in the snow, chasing squirrels, and eating all the cow poop they can get their paws on. Gunnar excels as a supervisor, preferring to lay in the shade and watch, while Lupa can most likely be found busily shredding anything within range of her teeth and seeing how close she can get to the fence without getting shocked.

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