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Sustainable farming practices.


We split our fields into many small paddocks and move the cattle through them very quickly. This helps with a number of different things including manure distribution, weed control, erosion prevention, forage regrowth, and soil fertility. All of these improve the carbon sequestration of our pastures, while also improving the health of our animals.


We have a 10kW windmill and an 11kW solar system on our barn roof that supply power for the butcher shop, freezers, and equipment work shop in the barn. Our electric fencer is run off a small solar set up as well. We use biodiesel to run our tractor that is sourced and produced from New England waste vegetable oil.


Ours cows are on pasture all winter. We unroll hay into wind rows on top of the snow for them to the eat. This means the cows spread their manure themselves and we limit methane production by not having a large store of manure. It also reduces tractor use and any hay left behind is also adding nutrients and seed to our soil.

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